Feather Light Roller Fencing Bag, Made in Europe

$380.00 NZD

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Colour available : Blue

The bag is approximate 4kg. Fantastic travel with Air New Zealand maxium 23kg for one piece baggage.

The average weight capacity of the fencing rollbags is 20kg.

Made of very strong and durable material.

Two separate compartments can fit a complete of fencing equipment and several weapons.

Two large pockets and one small pocket divided into two parts for the smaller items.

Transparent small pocket for name tag.


Practical Advices:

. Do not transport any pointed and sharp objects and broken blades in the fencing bag without proper wrapping, as these may pierce the bag's material.

. Do not overburden the bag.  do not pack it to such an extent that the zipper should get strained when moving its drawer.

. Arrange your fencign weapons in such a way that their points should not press against the bag's end as this might get pierced.

. To lift up the fencing bag, catch it always by its two handles at once.

. Do not pull upstairs the roll bag without lifting it.  Do not lower or draw the bag in such a way that its material gets eventually damaged.

. Close properly the roll bag's snaps and the bag handle's velcro before handing over the bag to transportation on airplane or on other vehicles.

. To clean the bag use moistured towel, mild washing agent.

. Always keep the zipper close at the top center of the bag.

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