RSG 11 scoring machine

  • Model: RSG11

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***NEW MODEL*** RSG11 3-Weapon Scoring Machine, Rechargeable Battery or Mains Power.

The RSG11 is a rechargeable machine that has a built in Lithium Ion battery (like the ones used in Cell phones). It can operate from mains or on battery. To charge the machine, just put it on mains with the machine turned on. It takes about 2 hours to charge and the machine should then be operational for about 1 week on battery. The machine has a smart system in the foil to save battery. When it detects that the white lamps have been on for about 15 seconds it turns them off automatically. It detects when a fencer is connected and starts them on again. You don't need to change the accumulator for several years (5 to 10 years).


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 31 March, 2008.

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