SG 12 ST

  • Model: SG 12

Fencing functions

• Officially approved F.I.E. three-weapon scoring machine.

• Can be directly reprogrammed on board to latest F.I.E. regulations.

• Antifraud yellow lights.

• Whip-over blockage in the sabre.

• Use of rounded LED matrices for signal lights for maximum vision on the sides.

• Integrated stopwatch and round

• Presetting of count-down time from 0 to 99 minutes.

• Blocking of hit detection when stopwatch time has reached: 00 :00.

• The stopwatch is halted automatically as soon as a hit has been recorded.

• One minute pause through remote control.

• Integrated scoring

• Scoring of up to 99 hits can be displayed on both sides. Two types of remote control are available for the SG12 (the machine is delivered by default with a simple infrared remote control but the more sophisticated SG31 remote will work also function with the SG12). Simple infrared remote control

• Driven by 3 AAA type batteries.

• Control of main functions of stopwatch and score.

• Control of general functions (choice of weapon).

• Each remote has a unique address that can be communicated to the SG12. Once this is done, the SG12 will only operate with this unique remote. SG31 mixed remote control (must be ordered separately)

• Mixed transmissions : wire and infrared.

• Driven by rechargeable Lithium Ion accumulator.

• Remote control is rechargeable directly on special slot.

• Control of stopwatch, score, cards and priority.

• Control of general functions (choice of weapon, manual reset).

• Each remote has a unique address that is sent to the SG12 when it is recharging on the machine. Thereafter, the SG12 will only operate with this unique remote. Communications

• 1 RS422 connector for general purpose computer communications.

• 1 special connector for charging and communicating with remote control.

• The SG12 can operate in slave mode and repeat signals from a master machine. Family of peripherals

• 2 DIN plugs for connection to external repeaters.

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